Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Life of Pi - Yann Martell (2001)

This book shares the adventure of Pi, a sixteen year-old Indian boy. He is a son of zoo owner living in Pondischerry, India. In the prolog, it is told that Pi is practicing Islam, Christian, and Hindu alltogether. Because of some things, he and his family decides to move to Canada together with all animals they have. His father plans to sell them all in North America.

Unfortunately, the cargo-ship Tsimtsum they are on sinks in a storm and miraculously, Pi is alive, floating on a lifeboat. He is not alone as a hyena, an orangutan, a broken-legged zebra, and a royal bengal tiger are there on the boat. All herbivores are killed by the hyena and lastly the tiger named Richard Parker killed the hyena, leaving him and Pi the last two survivors on the boat.

Pi manages to survive from his own hunger, weather, the sea, sadness from losing all his family, and threats from a big cat he is together with. He firstly plans to get rid of Richard Parker just then he finds out that he will be much more hopeless and lonelier if Richard Parker dies.  He realizes Richard Parker is more as a companion rather than a threat, he is a fellow friend with the same fate. So, he gives fresh water and bigger parts of fish he catches to him. They survived together. Pi uses circus coach and zookeeper methods to train Richard Parker to obey him and he succeeds. Both of them pass all the sunburn, the cold night, heavy storm together till they comes to a Mexico beach, after 227 days floating on the sea. Sadly, they finally separates as Richard Parker jumps over tired Pi, walking alone and lost in the wood.

The epilogue tells the story of an interview held by Japanese maritim people to Pi but they finds his story about the tiger and the lifeboat is too exaggerating and does not make sense. So, Pi told another same story but without animals. Neither of them can be proven but the same fact is that Tsimtsum has sunk and the only human survivor is Pi, and the 227 days beetwen the sinking and his arrival on the land, he has suffered so much. Which story you'd like to trust? It's the same as God. Every religion offers different -hard to proove and logically believed- story, and it's all our choice to choose one. Whether one wants to choose or not, the fact is there, the earth and all entities on it, they are too real and massive to deny.

The book is quite interesting, about the boy who survives. The explanation is detail and easy to read, it's fascinating the way Pi creates a raft to keep a distance from Richard Parker, his willing to survive spirit, looking for food, catching dorado, flying fish, sea turtle, even shark for himself and to feed Richard Parker. The extreme weather they have to deal with, and it is saddening the part when both Richard Parker and him get blind. Both of them has been so weak and Pi is almost desperate that time, but both of them manages to survive.

Before coming to Mexico beach, they come to a carnivorous island, a place where they spent for days. Richard Parker gets countless meerkats for his feast and Pi has sweet algae and meerkats. However after Pi finds out that this peaceful place actually consumes, he finally decides to flee.

Rather than God, I personally think this book tell more about faith. I adore Pi's living spirit. He has lost his family and he is floating nowhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, lack of foods and clothes, and he is always under the pressure of the existension of a royal bengal tiger in the same lifeboat. He is actually fully hopeless. But he survives, he tries to survives. He is a vegetarian, yet he learns to kill and eats fish. He is sad and lonely, yet he still looks for food for himself and for his big cat as well. Struggling without even knowung what may happen next. It's one biggest fiction faith I've heard of.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum (1967)

A Whiter Shade of Pale

Music is like a window on the wall, it lets me see anything it provides outside my own tiny shell.
Making me wonder how it would like to live in the time and place when and where the song was firstly released

 People are also like music
Everybody has their own tunes
Every single one is good but bad order can turns them into chaos
And good music is when people are together in harmony

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown (2009)

This book is about Robert Langdon's adventure seeking for 'Ancient Portal' in Washington D.C. in order to save his captivated dear friend Peter Solomon. Plots and everything are not much different from his other books: The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and the latest one Inferno.

This book stimulates readers to seek for ancient terms and architectural sites described inside and that's what I love most about this book - provides new general knowledge to pursue. And to see things from different point of view. Freemasonry, Rotunda, George Washington, Ouroboros, Magic Square, Abramelin Oil, Akedah knife are little bit of new things I know from reading this book.

This kind of book open my mind more widely and tells me that earth has been there for more than five thousands years and there's so many things I don't know. Many things I see weird now may be common years ago or somewhere else, such as occultism and idolatry, those things did(or even do) exist. They might be not much different from modern science to us nowadays. The simple parable is: F4 was a big thing in 2001 but teens these days would find them old-fashioned and idolize EXO instead, but what's the difference? They are both groups of handsome men idolized by young girls at the moment. Knowledge is a tool, and like all tools, its impact is in the hands of the user, Trish said. Have a more mature faith...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bye 2016, Hello 2017

Adventurous and thrilling (if visited at evening, around 4pm or even later) Blue Point Beach
And it has been 2017 already! :D

I am more than grateful that in the end of 2016, I had a chance to go to Bali as office trip with my office mates. It was super fun, oh man, all I could remember is that I laughed and smiled so widely all the way there.

The beaches and traditional Balinese buildings are all beautiful. I hardly slept on the way because I didn't want to miss the beauty and spesific charasteristic of roads in Bali as I might not feel them again when I am in Bandung. Rimba and Mulia Hotel impressed me very much. And togetherness we felt when wandering around under strong sunlight to reach W Hotel. The laugh we shared when playing ping-pong together in Rimba. And the best one is the thrilling adventure we got in Blue Point beach. There are so many precious things to see and feel, I thanked my boss very much for accomodating us there. And for an office mate of mine for recommendating Babi Guling Pa Dobil and Blue Point Beach.

Before that, on December 17-18 I had a chance to take part in Christmas Celebration in my church, and I am so grateful for it. I can dance and sing, all my body and voice are for God, eight times in two days. And there I made new friends. We played, talked and laughed hard together. I met many different characters and it was very nice to know them all.

When I recall myself years ago and looking at myself now, I can see how kind God has been to me. I have pals to laugh with, the ability to laugh from the heart itself. I am grateful for it, very much. I am going to start each day with grateful heart, open every prayer, --whether in good or bad condition-- with sincere gratitude. Don't sweat small stuffs but cherish every little thing in life.

One thing I hate most about Christians are when they speak and look so holy, talking much about God, spreading verses etc. but inside they don't represent the kindness and holiness of Christ he follows. Hypocrite, we call it. I don't want to be one. However, sometimes I am truly excited speaking about God (for He is so great!) yet another time I realized that what I say and do don't represent Christ's characteristics. Other person who doesn't even believe in Jesus may have a better characteristic than me. It sadenned me, but I've learnt everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. Forgive yourself, for He has first forgiven your past sins and not recall it anymore,so why don't you? Just keep improving and learn to understand God's heart more. Never judge fellow Christians who make mistakes as well, we are all forever learner.

One greatest lesson I got in 2016 is never let your sin and guilty feeling intimidate and make you leave God for you feel unworthy to see His Face. In the mid of 2016 I experienced this. I left my morning prayer, I was so ashamed to call His name, and I felt so depressed and lost. When I told my friend that I felt so unworthy and afraid that God might hate and reject me, she told me not to be intimidated by my sin, but come to God in regret and humility, admit your mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and never do that again. And I am grateful that I've been free from that form of sin for longer time by now --not by my own power but His help-- and I can feel His presence in my morning prayer time, everyday^^.

My wish for 2017 is that I can have a heart and actions like one Christ has. Responsible, righteous, yet full of love and mercy. Have a pair of eyes that can see everybody as precious souls loved by God. Have a pair of hands that help people in needs. Have a heart of loyal servant that sincerely care other people. I know I am far from one, I am so ignorant and self-centered, but I am going to learn.

I am thankful as well that I can have a father and mentor figure in Ps. Philip Mantofa. He shared his preachings in his Youtube channel  and I am blessed by listening The Words of God he shared. I learn many things from these videos. I understand His heart more. I even cried when I listened to his preaching about Esther chapter 1. Listening to him talking about Words of God is like listening to somebody excitedly sharing about his very kind best friend that he really knows and adores. It's full of spirit, God-oriented, all is for God's honour. And that's how we have to live our life: all we do is for His glory.

Father and Son Daughter Kamehameha
A random collaboration of me, Son Goku, and a friend who captured this. A wish that came true, posing kamehameha on the beach! XD

Drawing Goku here burnt my spirit... I want to draw manga again >///< I want to draw Androgynious Avengers but I find out that I am lack in basic knowledge about history of China. Even if I won't make the manga history-based, at least I have to know many things, the more detailed fashion and architecture style, weapon they used, their lifestyle, political style, etc. So I googled about history of China and felt amazed after. History is so much fun! Don't know how, I then watched Police Story (1985) directed and starred by Jackie Chan and I love it so much! The comedy and action matched my preference very well. This genre is one I like best! I felt in love again with Jackie Chan (yes I loved him before after watching Rush Hour 1-3 in about 2012), he was so great. I then watched about a third of Drunken Master (1978) and this reminded me of Kungfu Boy, the fashion style, the martial art, the girl scene. I haven't assured which one came first but one of them must be inspired by the other. Dragon Ball as well shared the same concept of gag and fighting style. People are inspired to inspire ya? Kungfu must be so popular during those time (about 1980s-1990s), just like how internet, technology development, and social media for us these days.

I want to be more productive, read and learn more. Haruki Murakami, Two PDFs Oro gave me, The Lost Symbols (Dan Brown), the following books of Narnia series, many other Agatha Christie's books, History about Japan and China and other places, there are lots of interesting things to read. I also want to learn Japanese and (or) Chinese. I also want to learn martial art, maybe wushu (because I want to be like Jackie Chan and Son Goku, oh childish me^^")

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Bapa Kupersembahkan Tubuhku - Graha Bethany Nginden Surabaya

I rarely get direct prophecy (or simply I am insensitive).
However, in one morning prayer time, when I was confused about what worship song to sing,
I randomly sang the reff of this song, and then the whole song,
and this explained what my heart wanted to say.

This song explains what my heart wants to say.