Sunday, October 9, 2016

Flaming Pots - Jl. Sukajadi 193, Bandung

Le Facade
This Saturday I went to Flaming Pots (next to Tomodachi boutique at Jl. Sukajadi 193, Bandung, because they have 2000 free suki :D (that was still available at least till this Saturday when I came there) 

We just have to follow their social media account (Instagram: @flamingpots) and order one drink to get one free suki. Hot or Ice ocha is recommended as it is the cheapest and free refill. (Well all these infos are thanks to an office pal of mine^^)


Contents: Kinda fishball, lettuce, cabbage, mushroom, tofu, U.S. sirloin beef, siomay. These are the free sets we got! Oh and we got a bowl of rice too.
Closer look
The sauces, I just picked some I thought I'd like. My favorites are: garlic, chili oil, and ginger-garlic! X9
Trying Vietnamese coffee.
Spicy crispy squid. It was good, but I thought it was slightly lack of salt :x
Boiling the meat first! I love how the mushroom looked like swimming squid :D 
Lastly we put the vegetable. 
The food tastes good, the veggies were fresh and the chicken broth was mild. It was so nice to eat hot soup in such a cold weather. However, the crispy squid was a little bit flavorless. Vietnamese coffee is standard lah, but it was kinda not suitable to eat suki and drink coffee ^^" so I prefer Ocha to accompany your suki.

~Room Design~

Semi outdoor areas. It would be a good idea to sit there but unfortunately the weather was too cold.
Outdoor eating area. Looks somebody was celebrating her sweet seventeen party soon^^.
Outdoor eating area
I freakin' loooooove the ceiling detail! Seen from this point of view, the ceiling looks so splendid.
Indoor eating area. The place is so cozy. 
One simpler corner
Seen from here, the room looks so luxurious.
The bowl.
I do really love the way the colours used are so well-designed. The light grey cushions blend very well with light brown wooden chair, table, and floor. The boxes arranged black hollow steel add strength and contrast which create harmony in the whole room design. Plus, I think the lighting choice has an important role as well.
 light grey textured cushion and the masculine pattern of greyish brown wallpaper give warm and comfortable homy atmosphere
The flooring detail
 The place was quiet and they played slow soothing songs which makes the room feel warm and pleasurable. The colors and lighting add a warm ambience in the room. The ceiling is high and the distance between one table and another are quite distant which make the room looks spacious. This place is definitely good to have a quality time with your loved ones,

Even if the 2000 free suki has been out of stock, coming to this place again is very worth it. Good food, good price, very well-designed rooms, what else ones would ask for?

Food: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5
Price: 4/5

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I was once told  that anything, either good or bad, can happen to anyone at anytime.
What does really matter is the way we react.

If it's good it's temporary.
If it's bad, it's also temporary.

Keep calm and react well.
Cherish today, everyday. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Adam Levine - Lost Stars

Lately so in love with this song, hahaha.

I started doing stuffs with a friend... It had actually been planned since end of May 2015 but we stopped (maybe due to our quite heavy workloads that time) and we continued again several months ago. 

So happy that today we have our very first order^^. I'm not that new in the world of online shopping so handling orders should be a common thing but still today I am so happy to a point that I become alay.

I am just grateful. Grateful for things.

Several days ago I went to church cell group and we talked about many things, one of them that have been my contemplation for long is about vision. When we live without vision, we are just surviving, a thing which mere animals also do. But I don't know what my vision is. We had small discussion and I found out that they too haven't known their visions yet. 

It had to be searched by ourselves. I thank God for having a chance to do something new.

Lately I am quite galau (early period time as always) and I kinda lost control of my tongue. I talked some meaningless things.

And I learned about forgiving myself. Teenager me often felt guilty for stupid mistakes I made. Now I learn to not overthink (though I still do it sometimes). I am grateful that I watched Philip Mantofa's preaching video about Ecclessiates chapter 1.

Living a life is writing a book with a permanent ink and no eraser. 

I keep doing mistakes and bad things happen, but God teach me to have a right response for everything. Sometimes I win yes, but sometimes I lost, too.

I may have not found my vision in this world yet but I have clearly stated a very last goal of my life. I really want that the time I died and meet Him in any way I can't rightly imagine, He'd say to me, 'well done, kid!'

Monday, July 25, 2016

No Internet Connection [GINTAMA VERSION]

No Internet Connection [GINTAMA VERSION] was the very first video I made, woo hoo! \ (^///^) /
The process of making it taught me something called 'EFFORT' hahaha. Hours in front of laptop to produce this mere twelve seconds short video. However, I am very satisfied with this one.

I upload this one in my Instagram, (@limliyoo) too.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Keep Changing World

This caption is not related at all with the post, I even forgot what the kanji means
I realized something today that the world is keep changing, and the acceleration of the change is now so fast. We can't use a lame method to encounter current problem. It's both scary and challenging at the same time, yes? What a dynamic world I am living in.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Lately I'm so into history, to be more specific, history about church, bible and humanity. I read about the Ark of Covenant, Nimrod, Queen of Sheba, descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth, Roman empire, Deutero Kanonika, Crusade (both from Christian and Moslem's points of views), Medieval age, Isa Al-masih through the eyes of Moslems, and the list goes on.

I read them on any website I found in Google, I'm not really sure about their validity, I don't know which one is real history and which one is not but I enjoyed it.

In Angels and Demons, it was told that there are people learning Science to prove God's existence rather than glorify Science over God. In other words, if some people may go to church to look for God, these scientists look for God by learning Science. Kinda there are many ways to Rome. Science learns about nature, which was created by God, yes? Well, everybody has their own point of view.

For me, reading history, though I don't really know the validity, leads me to murmur: How great Thou art. For me, it's quite like looking at tonight's very beautiful night sky, with three quarter bright moon with rainbow colored halo around, some sparkling stars, and some greyish moving clouds to see. It was very beautiful though I don't know the exact numbers of distance from earth to the moon, I don't really understand what's the components of clouds, why they're moving, why there were halo around the moon, why tonight sky was so bright and some so little stars were there to see, I don't understand many things.

If I hadn't been born after Isaac Newton, I might not have known about gravity and must have wondered why thsose balls were floating there, Now that I know about gravity (well thanks to Isaac Newton) doesn't lower the way I look at the world. It still made me murmur... How great Thou art...

Just because one can't see... doesn't mean nothing's there.
Just because one can't hear... doesn't mean nothing's there.
Just because one can't touch... doesn't mean nothing's there.
Just because one can't smell... doesn't mean nothing's there.
Just because one can't understand... doesn't mean nothing's there.

How great Thou art.